No Muos August 8: the fences are cut down! [English]

An account of last Saturday 8 popular demonstration against the US-NATO Mobile User Objective System antennas hosted in Sicily:

This afternoon at 3pm the march, scheduled during the August 6-9 No Muos Camp, started from the gathering point in Contrada Ulmo in front of the permanent picket.

Today more than 500 people crossed thesughereta [cork oak forest – TN] to attend the usual Summer event; in order to warm up today’s march, several initiatives of struggle kept following each other: in the night between August 5 and 6 tens of activists reached the base’s fences opening some passages, defying the presence of Italian police and American military guarding the base. This early action inaugurated the camp, and after the arrival of several activists, hailing from Sicilian cities and from elsewhere, to the permanent picket the following night a disturbance action against the military inside the base till gate four was carried out by the activists, through chants and battitura [rattling – TN] of the fences.

This night, a few hours before the march, the campers raised two barricades at the entrance of Contrada Ulmo and covered completely with a roadblock the entrance to the permanent picket, in order not to let the police close in.

Today’s march represented a fundamental step in the initiatives of struggle that were organized for the camp. In spite of the temporary sequestration of the base, the No Muos activists and Niscemi’s population seized the occasion to reaffirm, through the march this afternoon, their will to fight till the real dismantling of the base that, in addition to the 3 Muos antennas that were temporarily turned off – it is worth to remember it – hosts 46 NRTF antennas inside, which are harmful for health and have been functioning for years.

The march reached its climax when fences were cut down at the very presence of those military that have been occupying the sughereta territory for years. The cutting of the fences today represents an answer: even during a moment of apparent victory, the No Muos struggle does not stop and gets into full swing in order to not let the interest about sughereta fade, and to not let an operation which is disastrous for the health and the environment of who lives in those territories to be carried out.

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